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Top 10 Funny Sports !

Funny Top 10 SportsWelcome to the Funny TOP 10 SPORTS page! Here you can see the best and worst these sports have to offer. Remember to come back often as we are including some cool stuff on these pages everyday!


Choose your sport from our Funnyest Top 10 Sports list...

Following is a list of the most played sports in the world, the most funny sports! Select a sport by clicking on its name or smiley... or select any other funny sport from the menu on your left.


Funny Football
According to our visitors, Football is the funniest sport in the world, and for sure it will make it laugh... enter for some of the funniest goals, misses, tackles and many more football funny stuff. Go »
Funny Soccer
Having a Football of they're own, americans call "Soccer" to this british-born sport. Nevertheless, wichever name its called, it'll always bring us some funny moments. Prepare yourself for some laughs with the funniest soccer moments. Go »
Funny Cricket
A sport with a bug's name must have a reserved spot in any funny Top 10 Sports page. Cricket is here to surprise you! Reserve yourself a spot in the front rows for hours and hours of funny cricket videos and pictures! Go »
Funny Basketball
Basketball is mainly a manly sport, but there are those you can see lots of fun at putting balls into holes! Go see some funny basketball pictures and videos. Go »
Funny Volleyball
Can Volleyball be a funny sport? Find it for yourself, if volley come with funny stuff attached! Be aware.... you might get a laugh! Go »
Funny Tennis

If there are sports that can give us some some good laughs, Tennis is for sure one of them! Get ready for some of the best Tennis movies and pictures on Earth! Go »

Funny American Football

When searching for funny stuff... Football, the real American Football, is the thing you might find easier to make you happy for some time. Try some of our funny football stuff... Go »

Funny Golf

The elite's Sport by excellence must be present on such a prestigious top. Top things not missing in the wolrd: Funny Gol videos and funny gols pictures! Go »

Funny Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey... Not cold... It is the coolest sport on Earth! Prepare for top entertainment at our funny Ice Hockey pictures and videos page. Go »
Funny Rugby
Rugby is... well... some bunch of people fighting for a melon-shaped ball. Check our funny Rugby videos and pictures page to check if the melon is juicy or what! Go »
Funny Baseball

What can a man do with an huge bat and only one ball?

Baseball? - Yes! You got it right at first! Now go see the best baseball pictures and videos around! Go »

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